Get Started with the XL Bins API

You could use Bins API to create & store JSON files up to 1MB which majorly solves several basic requirements of storing a JSON file on the cloud.

Highly likely, 1MB of JSON may not be enough for several developers, and as there was an ask for storing larger JSON files, we have now crafted a solution where you could store Large JSON files up to 10MB on using the XL Bins API.

INFO Please use Bins API if you wish to create records under 1MB of size.

IMPORTANT XL Bins API is an Early Access Feature. It may change drastically over time or may get discontinued in the future. We would not recommend you to use this feature on Production until it graduates to a stable release in the future.

Core APIs for XL Bins

Create XL Bin

Create a Public or a Private XL JSON Bin. You could store up to 10MB of JSON in a single file.
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Read XL Bin

Read a Public or a Private XL Bin.
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Delete XL Bin

Delete an XL Bin.
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