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Storing a simple JSON record on the Cloud would be cumbersome. There has been several services which tried to create a Simple process around Storing and Retrieving JSON records but has come up with the simple CRUD API using which, you can store the JSON records with ease, Modify & Delete your data in no time.

Bins API is something you will need the most, as it allows you to take complete control on your JSON Data.

Core APIs for Bins

Create A Bin

Create a Public or a Private JSON Bin. These bins can be either added to a Collection and can also be validated against a Schema Doc.
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Read A Bin

Read a Public or a Private Bin and its Versions.
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Update A Bin

Update the Public & Private bins. You can also enable the Version Control if you would like to preserve the older data.
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Delete A Bin

Delete Uncategorized or the Bins from a Collection. Deleting a Bin will also delete all its associated Versions.
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Bin Versions Count

Get the Count of the Versions of a specific Bin.
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Delete Bin Versions

Delete all the Versions of a Bin. Alternatively, you can also retain the Latest Version and Delete the rest of the Data.
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Meta APIs for Bins

Update Bin Privacy

Update the Bin Privacy from Private to Public and vice versa.
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Update Bin Name

Set or Update the Name of the Bin.
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JSON Path for Reading Bins


JSON Path helps you extract specific data while requesting for a Bin using filtering and comparison criterias.
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