• Zero Server-side Setup

    Don't waste your time setting up a temporary server or configuring the database to test your front-end apps. You can use JSONbin to store the data, Fetch and Mock JSON requests to test your front-end apps for free.

  • Versioning

    JSONbin stores a new version of your file every time when you update a record. One can then fetch the original, updated or the latest record as required.

  • Private Records

    A secret-key is provided once you sign-up using which, you can create Private records. These records can be viewed or updated only if you pass a valid secret-key. Thus, it prevents other users to view or update your data.

  • Collections

    Are you working on multiple apps? Use Collection feature to store the record in a particular collection. This will help you use the custom query feature, using which, you can fetch multiple records by specifying filters.

  • Webhooks

    Would you like to send the Data which is Created, Updated or Deleted on JSONBin.io to some other domain? Then Webhooks is the right thing for you. We provide Webhooks for any Create, Update or Delete events in your account.

  • Personalized Dashboard

    You can get a personalized dashboard on signing up. Create PUBLIC or PRIVATE bins, dashboard lists them down for you along with a secret-key which can be used to CREATE, READ and UPDATE private records. More features will be added to the dashboard soon.

  • Extensive API Docs

    Get all the details on how to CREATE, READ and UPDATE records, create PRIVATE or listed public records on JSONbin with our extensive API Reference.

  • Support

    Not sure how to CREATE or READ a record? Have a question or a suggestion regarding the product? We will reply you within 24 hours. You can contact us via Contact page.

  • Schema Docs (Beta)

    Create Meta Schema Docs and attach it to the Collections to Validate the Records.

Other Features (Under Development)

  • API Activity Insights (Partially Released)

    Check who is accessing your data. Track who is trying to READ, CREATE or UPDATE the data in your account. Get all the insights with timely reports via email and in real-time.

  • Query Multiple Records

    As of now, you can fetch a single records from JSONbin. Using Query feature, you can request multiple records from the collections you create by specifying the filters.

  • Team Management

    Ideal for small-scale teams working on a project. Add multiple members to your team who can manipulate the data in the collections which you give them the access to.