JSONBin.io Experimental Labs

JSONBin.io started as a simple project primarily focused on learning Node.js and MongoDb. Over the time, the system has evolved and caters over millions of users every month.

We are trying to constantly evolve and use cutting edge technology which provides the best user experience.

Here in the labs, we will share the details on the tech we have used, info around upcoming features and solutions we have built from scratch to craft the system.

JSONBin.io Experimental Labs

Features Under Development

Following are the features which are currently under development. For product updates, you could refer to our Changelog.

New Dashboard

The Dashboard which the users are using currently was built keeping basic needs in mind. As the product scaled, there is a need of new Dashboard functionalities like, easy of Creating, Updating & Editing the JSON records, Sorting and Searching through the records and so on.

We are also working on the simplified UX as well as performance of the Dashboard.

Moreover, we are planning to add a full-blown Usage Metrics which will help you analyse the API usage and take full control over it.

JSON Path (Actively Developed)

As of now, users can Update, Read and Delete the entire bin, but what if you only wish to Update a particular node in your JSON data?

Hence, we are developing JSON path. Using this, you could Update a specific key in the JSON object, Delete a specific or Read a specific key, thus, you need not have to send the entire payload again while Updating a record.


Until now, we only allowed our users to sign up via one of the OAuth service. Now, we are working on authentication where users can sign up using their personal or company emails, without the need of them sharing their OAuth account to Sign Up on JSONBin.io.

As of now, we are not allowing to merge OAuth accounts with the normal account but we might plan this to develop at a later point.

Tech we use at JSONBin.io

The system definitely seems to be simple in terms of the use as well as the workflow in general. But in-order to solve various problems, we have made use of various tech.