Get Started with the Collections API

Collections are handy, especially when you would like to Group the Bins. These Bins could be fetched as paginated records. We are also planning to add Query Builder in the near future, which will help you write custom queries to fetch multiple matching bins from the Collection.

Moreover, you may attach a Schema Doc to your Collection, to Validate the Data before you store the JSON.

Core APIs for Collections

Create A Collection

Create a Collection to Group the Bins which might be relevant to your App. You can also Validate these Bins by attaching a Schema Doc to your Collection.
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Add a Schema Doc

Add a Schema Doc to your Collection to Validate the Bins against a Schema.
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Remove a Schema Doc

Remove a Schema Doc from your Collection to Stop Validating the Bins stored against a Schema.
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Fetch All Bins

Fetch all the Bins in a particular Collection in a Paginated manner.
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Meta APIs for Bins

Update Name

Update your Collection Name.
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