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Additional Requests

API Usage

Experimental APIs
Activity Logs


Private Records
Upto 100kb
Upto 10mb
As per active plan
Version Control
Upto 1000 Versions/Record
As per active plan
Upto 1 Collection
Upto 10 Collections
As per active plan
Schema Validations
As per active plan
XL Bins Early Access
As per active plan

Other Benefits

Standard Support
Priority Support
As per active plan

Pricing FAQs

Requests Credited are Daily, Monthly or Yearly?

The requests which are credited when you are on a Free Trial, Upgrading to Pro or buying Additional Requests, are credited only for once.

If you need additional requests then you need to purchase them separately.

Is there any limit on the records I can Create, Update, Read or Delete?

We are not monitoring and limiting users to Create, Update, Read or Delete. It's a simple model, you purchase the requests and you can consume them the way you wish them to consume in.

Does the Purchased Requests ever expire?

Once you purchase these requests, they are yours to keep. These requests never expire and will exhaust only if you consume them.

I need to buy requests in bulk

You could get in touch with us and we will help you with the Bulk requests and any other custom feature if required.

Do I need to upgrade to Pro plan before purchasing Additional Requests?

Yes, as of now, you need to upgrade to Pro plan before you could purchase additional requests.

What service do you use for the billing?

We are using Paypal for the transactions.

Do you store any kind of Payment details?

We do not store any Credit Card, Debit Card or similar details. We cannot charge you until you manually pay to

The only payment details we store is what Paypal returns to us after you successfully checkout. This includes basic details such as your Name, Email, Address etc., but no other payment details.

Paypal is not supported in my country, do you support other payment channels?

Yes we do. We support all kind of payment channels but are not directly available to our users. If you wish to purchase the Pro plan or Additional Requests, then please contact our team and we will help you with the payments via other channels.

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