About JSONbin.io

JSONbin.io is a free JSON storage and JSON hosting service. It is an ideal solution for storing JSON data for small-scale web apps, mobile apps, or websites. Additionally, it's handy for when you want to try mocking requests and you need to store data or configuration files somewhere on the cloud, or use the data with other services like JsFiddle, JsBin or Codepen.

It helps you store JSON blobs on the cloud without you worrying about the database setup. Thus, it makes it easier to READ, CREATE or UPDATE data with a minimal learning curve. In addition to updating your data, it also preserves a snapshot (versioning) whenever you update the records.

In order to store your JSON data, simply paste your JSON on JSONbin.io and click on the CREATE button. This will store your data and you can access it via the provided URL or use our API Reference page to CREATE, READ and UPDATE your data via API.

We've released a lot of features already as requested by the users like REST API v2, UPDATE bins, Private bins etc, for more information, you can check our Product Roadmap. We are always open to suggestions and recommendations, so please provide feedback if you have any. It will help us serve you better.

PS: If you are using this service for any of your apps or services, then please share it with us on Twitter. We would be happy to mention your apps on JSONbin.io.


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