About Us

JSONBin.io was started as a weekend project, which eventually grew into a product used by thousands of developers. It's an essential tool in the development cycle and is used as a production-ready database.

As of today, JSONBin.io powers more than 1000s of Websites & Apps. We are serving more than a million requests every day.

Our goal is to let the developers focus on their Web or Mobile Apps' core functionality and leave the database maintenance on us. It's easy to get started with, considering the REST API's simplicity and the minimal learning curve.

What does JSONBin.io do?

JSONBin.io provides JSON Storage on the cloud as a service. Its simple CRUD API and powerful features like Private bins, Version Control, Collections, etc., make it easy for the developers to integrate any of their existing or new, Web or Mobile apps with the service.

For more information, you may refer to all the JSONBin's Features or Create an Account today if you haven't :)


1,000,000+ Requests/Day

Powers 1000s of Websites and Mobile Apps.

Over Three Million Bins Created

Integrations across Languages and Frameworks.

70,000+ Happy Users

Powerful APIs at you disposal

Our Team

Mr. Alien 👽 handles the App Design, Development, Infra, and Maintenance.