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Updates • April 2021

  • Pricing

    Additional Requests Price fix for a Million Requests

  • Website

    Redesigned API Reference Page

    Redesigned 404 Page

    Responsive Layout fixes & tweaks for Home Page & Navigation

    Redesigned Contact Page

    Redesigned Support Page

    Redesigned Pricing Page

    New Open Source Page 🤘

  • Auth

    Facebook Auth Fix. Thanks to @GeorgieFunk for the bug report.

    Github oAuth Fix. (Deprecating API authentication through query parameters)

    Added a Logout button on the redesigned pages.

  • API

    Experimental API for Fetching All the Bins in v2 is now deprecated.
    (endpoint: /e/collection/:collectionId/all-bins)

Updates • March 2021

  • Website

    Ported the Home Page along with other Pages to the new Design.

    New Favicon

    Route changes for Privacy, Terms of Service & Changelog page

  • Legal

    Updated the Privacy Policy & Terms of Service page.

  • System

    Gulp build process changes for ES6

    Extended EBS Volume

Updates • February 2021

  • API

    Get Version Count for specific Bin

    Delete Versions of a Bin

Updates • January 2021

  • API

    Fetch all Bins from a Collection

    Change Bin's Permission

    Bin Meta API

    Collections API

    Schema Docs API

  • System

    Upgrade NodeJS to v14.15.1