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Updates • Jul 2022

  • Dashboard

    New Dashboard is now live for all the users.

  • Website

    Introduced Temporary JSON Creation. Try it out now.

    Fixed Contact form validations.

  • Deprecation

    API v2 is now deprecated. Refer to the v3 API Reference for more info.

  • API

    Free users can create a JSON up to 100kb.

    Fixed an API bug where Free Users could create and update JSON above 100kb.

    Added support to pass meta=false query parameter in the READ Bins API to disable the bins metadata in the API response. You could refer to Bins Read API Reference for more info.

Updates • Apr 2022

  • Dashboard

    Fix issue where users tried to create a public record but instead, a private record was created.

    Fix Successful copied messaging on API Keys page.

    Fix Copy functionality on the Account Summary page to copy the Account Id.

Updates • Mar 2022

  • Website

    Redirect user to the Dashboard if signed in and tries to visit the Login page. Thanks to @Ashish Ranjan for reporting the issue.

    API v2 Documentation deprecated.

  • API

    JSONPath has now moved out of Experimental phase and is implemented as one of the core features of the Bins Read API.

    API Access Keys feature released. Users can now Create API Access Keys and grant permissions to access specific API Endpoints. For more information, refer to the FAQs.

Updates • Feb 2022

  • API

    We've introduced advanced caching for the versioned records which will speed up the fetching of the latest JSON dump.

Updates • Jan 2022

  • API

    Added support for JSON Paths. You can now pass JSON Paths to extract relevant data from your bins. For more information, refer to the JSON Path documentation.

  • Dashboard

    New Dashboard β Release. For more information, checkout our pre-release video or visit the Dashboard.

    Added 404 handling

    Bug fix on Account Summary page related to fetching user info.

Updates • Sep 2021

  • API

    Introduced Fetch Uncategorized Bins API

    Introduced List Collections API

  • Deprecation

    API v2 will now be deprecated on February 28th, 2022.

  • Dashboard

    V2 Dashboard under development. Stay tuned for more updates.

Updates • June 2021

  • API

    Update or Set the Name of the Bin API.

    Introduced X-Bin-Meta header to omit the metadata while reading a Bin.

    Introduced X-JSON-Path header to fetch a specific part of the JSON instead of the entire bin.

  • Monitoring

    Integrate New Relic with Website & API & related Systems.

  • Feedback

    Introducing Feedback module

Updates • May 2021

  • Website

    Fix Testimonials section on the Home Page.

    Refactor JavaScript, replace Three.js animation with SVG instead.

    Redesigned Testimonials Page

    Redesigned Blog Page

    Added FAQs to the Pricing Page

    Updated Sitemap

  • Security

    Add necessary Security Headers in the response for the Website.

    Remove CORS which was not necessary for the Website.

    Upgrade jQuery lib from v3.2.1 to v3.6.0

  • Blog
  • API

    Experimental API for Fetching All Versions of a Bin in v2 is now deprecated.
    (endpoint: /e/<BIN_ID>/versions)

  • Fixes

    Fix Contact form issue where the Bots used to Auto Submit & validation was failing.

Updates • April 2021

  • Pricing

    Additional Requests Price fix for a Million Requests

  • Website

    Redesigned API Reference Page

    Redesigned 404 Page

    Responsive Layout fixes & tweaks for Home Page & Navigation

    Redesigned Contact Page

    Redesigned Support Page

    Redesigned Pricing Page

    New Open Source Page 🤘

    Redesigned Documentation Pages for Bins API

  • Auth

    Facebook Auth Fix. Thanks to @GeorgieFunk for the bug report.

    Github oAuth Fix. (Deprecating API authentication through query parameters)

    Added a Logout button on the redesigned pages.

  • API

    Experimental API for Fetching All the Bins in v2 is now deprecated.
    (endpoint: /e/collection/<COLLECTION_ID>/all-bins)

  • Fixes

    Close Menu on Page Click

    Github oAuth Fix. (Deprecating API authentication through query parameters)

    Added a Logout button on the redesigned pages.

    Documentation Fixes

    Support Page Fixes

Updates • March 2021

  • Website

    Ported the Home Page along with other Pages to the new Design.

    New Favicon

    Route changes for Privacy, Terms of Service & Changelog page

  • Legal

    Updated the Privacy Policy & Terms of Service page.

  • System

    Gulp build process changes for ES6

    Extended EBS Volume

Updates • February 2021

  • API

    Get Version Count for specific Bin

    Delete Versions of a Bin

Updates • January 2021

  • API

    Fetch Bins from a Collection

    Change Bin's Permission

    Bin Meta API

    Collections API

    Schema Docs API

  • System

    Upgrade NodeJS to v14.15.1