Simple & Robust JSON Storage solution provides a simple REST interface to store & retrieve your JSON data from the cloud. It helps developers focus more on app development by taking care of their Database Infrastructure.

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Secure & Seamless Integration

We've developed simple RESTful APIs which will seamlessly integrate with new or existing web and mobile applications in no time. The data you stored can be secured using a Private key that other users cannot access.

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More than 70,000 happy users

Bins Created


API Requests

30M+ /month


99.9% (last year)


1000+ (powered apps)


Simplest way to store JSON and
mock requests

Private Bins

You can create Private bins which cannot be accessed unless the Private key is passed in the Request Headers.

Version Control

You can enable version control on your bins, which ensures you never lose your data again.

Schema Validation

Validation is always recommended and important. You can use Schema Validation API to validate your bins before storing them.


See what our customers have to say? is the easiest JSON storage tool among all the other options. Also, their API support is great. I highly recommend it to everyone! — Yağız C, CTO, Edvido

An instant back-end solution for all your web, mobile and desktop apps. It was easy to implement than I expected. — Arjun R R, Software Engineer, Cryptlife

A powerful, simple and easy to use tool. Totally recommend using it! — Adrien, Developer, IF Checklists

You are a lifesaver. Keep up the good work! 🎉 — Jorge, Twitter

I love your product. — Armand, Twitter

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