Terms of Service

Service Usage

  1. Requests
    • We've not enforced any limits on the Requests as of now. Recommended number of requests including CREATE, READ, UPDATE & DELETE is 5 - 10 / min.

    • We have a monitoring service in place which will delete the records if found spammy in nature and the users cannot recover these.

    • We also block user accounts and IPs if a particular user is trying to exploit the service.

    • Any user found spamming will be prosecuted and his/her account will be immediately terminated and the IPs will be blocked permanently.

  2. Data
    • We do not access user's data nor we share it with anyone. In certain situations, we do need to access the users data only if requested by the user himself.

    • Public records created on JSONbin/io are owned by JSONbin.io. We reserve the right to decide whether to DELETE PUBLIC bins if user requests for the deletion.

    • We do not DELETE any user data unless it's marked as SPAM.


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User Accounts

Free / Paid (Coming Soon)
  1. Data
    • You can refer to our Privacy Policy documentation on what all Data do we store when you register with JSONbin.io

    • We do not sell or share our user data with anyone whatsoever.

    • Data that we store on registration is used for Security and to cater a better User Experience to the registered users.

  2. Deletion
    • As of now, users do not have an option to DELETE the Account by themselves. In-order to DELETE the account, you can Contact Us.

    • Usually, we DELETE the user account after some verification but, we resereve the right to deny the DELETE of an Account.


  1. ETA
    • ETA provided on the Roadmap are tentative and we reserve the right to modify these dates.

    • We reserve the right to prioritize or de-prioritize Features listed on the Roadmap.

    • We do not take any responsibility if we delay the release of any feature as promised in the Roadmap.


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  1. API
    • We try to provide the best uptime possible. Services can be blocked for maintenance or while receiving a lot of spam.

    • Before blocking the services, we do communicate to our users on Twitter account.

    • We do not consider Feature failures / bugs under downtime.


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