Product Roadmap

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  • Meta APIs API

    Develop APIs to move bins from One Collection to Another, Rename Bins, Private to Public etc.

    Completion ETA TBD
  • Search & Sorting FEATURE

    Search your bins using ID, Names and Sort the records based on Created At and other similar parameters.

    Completion ETA TBD

    Upload your bins to CDN for better Caching and faster load times via different regions.

    Completion ETA TBD
  • Teams FEATURE

    Create Teams, invite users, share the data, set access permissions and much more...

    Completion ETA TBD
  • Dot Queries API

    Running low on bandwidth? You can access nested data without requesting for an entire bin. Access it like /:id/records.employees.seniorDevs will return you the specific data instead of an entire bin.

    Completion ETA TBD
  • Query Records API

    Instead of fetching single records, fetch multiple from collections using Query feature by specifying filters to fetch the data precisely.

    Completion ETA TBD
  • Webhooks Feature

    Now get the data you store on JSONBin at your desired end-point. Create, Update & Delete, all the data you need with required information. Can be used for Analytics or for Backup at your end.

    Completed 11th Nov, 2018 Completion ETA 15th Nov, 2018
  • Collections API

    Create your own collections of records. Helpful if you have multiple apps and want to group the data.

    Completed 13th Jun, 2018 Completion ETA 12th Feb, 2018
  • API Usage Insights ANALYTICS

    Get more insights of the users who are reading the data you've stored on Get their user-agent data, timelines, CREATE, READ, UPDATE and DELETE stats etc.

    Completed 1st Jan, 2018 Completion ETA 25th Dec, 2017
  • DELETE Records API

    API end-point to delete records which are created using a secret-key.

    Completed 17th Dec, 2017 Completion ETA 15th Dec, 2017

    Providing more options to sign-up compared to previous option which was just Google.

    Completed 03 Dec, 2017

    Simplifying the previously complicated API. Use GET, POST, PUT methods to READ, CREATE and UPDATE the data.

    Completed 16 Nov, 2017

    Find all the records you create, secret-key and other statistics on the new dashboard.

    Completed 06 Aug, 2017

    On signing-up using Google, you'll get a secret-key to CREATE, READ and UPDATE the records, which are only accessible to you.

    Completed 06 Aug, 2017

    It just doesn't simply update the records but also creates a new version every time you save a record.

    Completed 11 Nov, 2017