Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How I can use for my project? aims to make developers life easier. We are trying to build a one-stop solution for JSON where developers can mock and store their data and use in their small scale Web Apps or Mobile Apps without setting up or maintaing a database of their own.

    It helps developer focus on the App rather than setting up a back-end. You can refer to our API reference for more info.

  2. Do I need to sign-up in-order to use

    No, you do not need to sign-up in-order to use API, but we would recommend our users to sign-up with us. We provide additional features like Private Bins, API Activity Logs, Collections and other features like Query builder, Team Management etc which are under development.

  3. How do I create a record?

    Creating a record is very simple. You can create a record in two ways:

    • Web Interface
    • API

    In-order to create a record with Web Interface, go to our Homepage and dump your JSON data. You'll receive a random generated record ID which you can use it in your application or share the URL with others.

    To create a record with an API, refer to our API Reference - Create for more information.

  4. How do I update a record?

    We have version control enabled for our users while they are updating their records. You can update a record in two ways:

    • Web Interface
    • API

    In-order to update a record with Web Interface, browse to{YOUR_BIN_ID}. You will see a button to edit your bin. Clicking on the EDIT BIN will enable the editing mode. Now simply edit your JSON and hit UPDATE.

    To create a record with an API, refer to our API Reference - Update for more information.

  5. How do I use the created record in my Application or Website?

    Reading on is as simple as using a GET request on the API URL which is provided after you create the record. When the record is created with the web interface, we provide a URL after the record is created. If you are creating a record via API, you'll receive the created bin ID in the response. For more information, refer to our API Reference - Read section.

  6. What is an Experimental API?

    APIs which are listed as Experimental APIs are Work in Progress or Beta API end-points. Usually, before we release a new API end-point, we release it as an Experimental API, where we monitor the usage and tweak the API based on the user feedback and usage patterns. These API end-points might be quirky in nature due to rapid development.

    Experimental APIs can be deprecated with a prior warning or they will graduate to a Stable API list, based on the usage and usefulness. Hence, use these APIs carefully. We would recommend our users to use the Stable API end-points only unless Experimental API features are required.

    Note: When the Experimental API is integrated into Stable API, routes will be affected. We will keep it backwards compatible for Three months from the date of deprecation is announced.


  1. How does Paid Model work?

    We've kept it as simple as possible. A User can be either Free or Paid. There's a one-time fee to turn your Free account to Pro account. Along with the Pro account, we also provide half a million requests to get you started with. If required, you may also buy Additional Requests. More info on Pricing page.

  2. Do you Store Credit/Debit card details?

    NO. We do not store any Payment details on our servers. We are using External service called Paypal. All the transaction related details are handled by

  3. My Country doesn't allow Paypal payments

    There are chances that your Country doesn't allow Paypal payments, for an instance, Indian users. We are working actively to consider other Payment gateway options like PayTM but until then, we promise all the users that the experience will not get hampered. We are not limiting any user accounts as of now until we add Payment gateway support for all the countries and until the Pricing model is stabilized.

  4. Can't use any Payment Gateway, is there any other option?

    Please contact our Support and they will help you out with the rest.

  5. I want to enquire more regarding the paid plans

    Please get back to us on our sales email ID. It's just sales at our (trying hard to fight spam :D)

  6. What happens to the existing Users?

    Nothing changes anything for any users as of now. We do not want to enforce limits until all the users are aware about it and will get good amount of time to move to a Paid Plan.

  7. Did you start deducting the available requests from my account?

    We are not deducting any Paid / Free requests for now. We will start deducting after a few weeks with well in advance communication with all our users.

  8. I supported the freeware model, why introduce a Paid model?

    As mentioned above, it takes a lot of time to Develop, Maintain and Host the website. Serving well over a million requests/week, we want to ensure that we provide a seamless experience to our users. In-order to upgrade our hosting hardware, maintain the website, and develop powerful features, we introduced the Paid plans.