Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I use JSONBin in my Project? is a Simple JSON Storage service. Our API is crafted keeping simplicity and effeciency in mind. For more information, you can refer to our API Reference page.

JSONBin is best suited for Mocking Requests while working on Frontend frameworks like React, Angular, Vue etc. JSONBin also powers a lot of Mobile Applications to store Configs or user records for these apps.

Alternatively, you can use JSONBin as a simple backend service for one page Desktop, Web, PWA apps.

Do I need to Sign Up to create Records on JSONBin?

As of April 16, 2019, we have made it mandatory for all the users to Sign-up in-order to Create the bins, to ensure non registered users not abusing the service.

Is my Data safe?

We do not fiddle around with the User Data. Public bins can be accessible by anyone having the Bin ID. For Private Bins, none can view or carry any actions on Private Records until the Secret Key is passed in the header.

How is the Stored Data consumed by JSONBin?

Your data stays only on our server. We do not sell any of the User or User stored data to third-party. Also, your data cannot be accessed by anyone but you (if Private records).

Blocked for sending hitting too many requests.

We've rate limiting in place. This applies to Free & Paid users. Hitting too many requests in a few mins will result into blocked account temporarily. To unblock, you can reach us out via Contact page.

Read a Private Bin

You can Read Private Bins by passing secret-key in the request header. You can find your Secret Key at API Keys page. Refer to READ API Reference for more information on Reading Public and Private records.

Can I Delete a Public Bin?

Creating Public bins without secret-key feature is now deprecated.

Public bins which are created by passing secret-key in the headers with private: false header can be deleted. Public bins created without secret-key in the header are not allowed to be deleted.

Though, you can raise a request to us and we will verify a few details before we Delete the record.

Note that JSONBin holds the rights to Delete the Public Bins if the verification details doesn't match.

Disable Version Control

By default, Version Control is enabled by default. You can turn off the Version Control by passing versioning: false in the header while sending a PUT request (Update Request).

Note that you cannot disable versioning on Public Records which are created without secret-key.

Does Bins ever expire?

No, we do not Delete any data from the server unless user Deletes the data themselves or requests us to delete.

Blocked Bins

If a Bin is requested or updated too many times in a day, the Record will be blocked. We block such records to ensure such records doesn't result in unnecessary load. We do this because a lot of times, developers write faulty codes and our servers goes under heavy load. As of now, only Bins of Free users are blocked.

What Payment Gateway do you support?

As of now, we only support Paypal. We've region based Currency conversion for Indian and Non-Indian users.

Do you store Debit/Credit card details?

We do not store any Credit / Debit card details of the user. Once the Payment is initiated, you will be redirected to where you can checkout the Cart and you'll be redirected back to after Payment confirmation.

How do I Cancel my Plan?

As of now, we've not added any option to Cancel the Paid plan but you can raise a request within 7 days and we will help you out.

Do you have Custom Plans?

As of now, we do not have any Custom Plans, but we might add them in future.

How are the Requests deducted?

Requests are deducted on every READ, CREATE, UPDATE & DELETE API request sent to JSONBin. As of now, we are not deducting any requests of the Paid users.

Do requests get expired?

Requests which you receive after buying the Pro Plan, or the requests you buy via Additional Requests never expire. They will stay as long as you exhaust these requests.

Am not able to Purchase a Plan

If Paypal in your country is blocked or if you are facing any issues related to buying a Pro Plan or Additional Requests, you can Contact Us and we will help you out with the Checkout.