Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How I can use for my project? aims to make developers life easier. We are trying to build a one-stop solution for JSON where developers can mock and store their data and use in their small scale Web Apps or Mobile Apps without setting up or maintaing a database of their own.

    It helps developer focus on the App rather than setting up a back-end. You can refer to our API reference for more info.

  2. Do I need to sign-up in-order to use

    No, you do not need to sign-up in-order to use API, but we would recommend our users to sign-up with us. We provide additional features like Private Bins, API Activity Logs and other features like Collections, Query builder etc which are under development.

  3. How do I create a record?

    Creating a record is very simple. You can create a record in two ways:

    • Web Interface
    • API

    In-order to create a record with Web Interface, go to our Homepage and dump your JSON data. You'll receive a random generated record ID which you can use it in your application or share the URL with others.

    To create a record with an API, refer to our API Reference - Create section for more information.

  4. How do I update a record?

    We have version control enabled for our users while they are updating their records. You can update a record in two ways:

    • Web Interface
    • API

    In-order to update a record with Web Interface, browse to{YOUR_BIN_ID}. You will see a button to edit your bin. Clicking on the EDIT BIN will enable the editing mode. Now simply edit your JSON and hit UPDATE.

    To create a record with an API, refer to our API Reference - Update section for more information.

  5. How do I use the created record in my Application or Website?

    Reading on is as simple as using a GET request on the API URL which is provided after you create the record. When the record is created with the web interface, we provide a URL after the record is created. If you are creating a record via API, you'll receive the created bin ID in the response. For more information, refer to our a href="/api-reference#api-v2-read">API Reference - Read section.

  6. What is an Experimental API?

    APIs which are listed as Experimental APIs are Work in Progress or Beta API end-points. Usually, before we release a new API end-point, we release it as an Experimental API, where we monitor the usage and tweak the API based on the user feedback and usage patterns. These API end-points might be quirky in nature due to rapid development.

    Experimental APIs can be deprecated with a prior warning or they will graduate to a Stable API list, based on the usage and usefulness. Hence, use these APIs carefully. We would recommend our users to use the Stable API end-points only unless Experimental API features are required.

    Note: When the Experimental API is integrated into Stable API, routes will be affected. We will keep it backwards compatible for Three months from the date of deprecation is announced.