Introducing Pricing (Paid Plans)

It's been a year since we have released and it's been an awesome journey so far. was started as a weekend project but now, serves thousands of users across the globe, millions of API requests every week.

Now, it's time to move to the next level. We would like to work on powerful features, optimizations, user experience etc. We would like to serve our users better. Running a website like this takes immense amount of time, efforts & money to develop, support and host. Hence, we have now introduced Paid Plans so that we can fuel our servers and other expenses.

Purchasing a Pro plan will help us a lot. Not only you will be able to access Powerful Features but will also support the Development of the website and help us pay our Hosting bills.

Plans are pretty nominal (atleast, we think so :D), on an average, you end up paying just a Cent/1000 requests. Also, we do not want to add Advertisements on the website. We hate it and so will, our users.

You can buy a Pro Plan or Additional Requests on the Pricing page.

For more information, you can Contact us or read the Pricing FAQs for more information.

Important: As of now, nothing changes. We will not deduct requests count of Free or Paid user accounts. Please refer to our FAQ section for more info.